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Steampunk Jewelry




How to make a jewelry Box “Be creative with color and design”
Pure & Simple Jewelry Box
Great-looking. wood and. …
Make the Sides and Lid. I use lots of low-grade lumber from a variety of sources. …
Glue the Box. Cut the bottom to size. …
Add Felt Lining. Cut a piece of felt, with notches, so its center section exactly fits inside the box. …
Make the Dividers. …
Add the Lid. …
Cutting List.
Turquoise Designed – See link below.
Making a Stretchy Bracelet
Consider using elastic if you are a beginner. These sorts of bracelets are fun, and easy to make. You simply put the beads onto the cord and knot it. You do not need a clasp. To learn how to make a stretchy beaded bracelet, click here. You can buy beading elastic in a bead shop, or in the beading section of an arts and crafts store.
Clear elastic thread comes in many different thicknesses. Thicker elastic is sturdy, which makes it suitable for large beads. Thinner elastic is more delicate, and looks best paired with smaller beads.[1]
Elastic cords have a thread or fabric covering. They are thick by beading standards, and usually come in black and white.


Know that some beads work better with certain types of string. Smaller beads will work well on thin, delicate elastic. Large beads, however, will need something heavier, such as a thicker elastic or wire. You will also need to add extra length to your bracelet if you are using bulky beads. These beads fill up the space between the bracelet and your wrist, making the bracelet fit tighter.

Decide on a design before putting the beads on the elastic or wire. When buying beads, you may find that the beads are already strung for you. This is simply another way of packaging them, and is not suggestive of a final design. Simply snip the beads off their string and arrange them in a new pattern on your desk or bead tray. Here are some ideas for a design:
Put the largest beads towards the center, and the smallest beads towards the clasps.
Alternate large beads with smaller/spacer beads.
Use a warm (red, orange, yellow) or a cool (green, blue, and purple) color scheme.
Choose a bunch of beads that are all the same color, but in different sizes and shades. For example, you could use light blue, medium blue, and dark blue beads

Gather your supplies. Stretchy bracelets are the easiest to make, and require the fewest tools. You can make a simple, child-friendly one using elastic cord and plastic pony beads. You can also make a dainty one using clear elastic and glass beads. Here is a list of what you will need:
Beading elastic or cord.
Tape or binder clip
Super glue

Measure your wrist and cut the elastic a little bit longer. Take the beading elastic and wrap it one and a half times around your wrist. Cut it with a pair of sharp scissors. You are making it slightly larger so that you can knot it later.   Begin beading when finished…

Take the tape or clip off, and tie a square/surgeon knot. Start by folding the two ends of the elastic over and under each other, like tying a pair of shoes. Tie another knot like it but don’t tighten it yet; you will have something that looks like a ring. Wrap one of the tail ends around one side of the circle. Do the same thing for the other side. Now you can tighten the knot.


Try to slide the knot under one of the adjacent beads. This will determine how you finish off the bracelet. Be sure to have a bottle of super glue ready.
If you can slide the knot under one of the beads, trim off the extra string and put a drop of glue over the knot. Slide the knot under the bead.
If you can’t fit the knot under one of the beads, tuck the tail ends inside the beads instead. Put a drop of glue on top of the knot to seal it.

Wait for the glue to dry before wearing your bracelet. If you try to put the bracelet on too soon, the knot may loosen and the glue may crack. Most glues will dry in about 15 minutes, and cure after 24 hours; refer to the label for more exact drying times.






Jewelry Organizer






How to make jewelry: Beginners


Vintage Pendant





Making Earrings





Jewelry Making with Household items.


Sidonia’s  handmade jewelry


Beading Tips & Techniques


How to identify gold


Creative ways to store your jewelry.






Old vintage earrings recycled to make bracelet.




Bracelet Glass Holder


How to make vintage brooch.



How to Replace a Stone in Jewelry




Hair Bands from T-Shirts.





How to Tell Them All Apart

The easiest and most effective way to ensure your precious gem really is precious is to have it appraised by a professional. A number of diamond grading authorities, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL), offer inspection services for a variety of precious metals and gems—from pearls and rubies to platinum and sapphire—and issue a certificate attesting to the item’s quality.

If you’d rather eyeball it yourself, though, here are a few things to look out for.
The 4 C’s
Before the 1950s, appraising the value and quality of stones involved a mish-mash of competing standards and practices, which could lead to the same stone be evaluated differently depending on which where you had it appraised. However, the GIA ended this confusion by creating the 4Cs, a grading standard that has since become the universally-applied method of judging stones the world over.

The 4C grading system examines four of the stone’s physical features: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.
Color: The amount of color in a typical diamond is measured using a D-to-Z scale, comparing the stone under controlled lighting and precise viewing conditions to an already-graded “masterstone”. According to the GIA, D-grade diamonds have “no hue, like a drop of pure water, and consequently, a higher value.” Z-grade color is, conversely, heavily tinged yellow or brown.

Clarity: Clarity measures the number of inclusions and blemishes in the stone on a 11-step scale from Flawless (wherein no inclusions or blemishes are visible under 10x magnification) down to Included, where the inclusions are obvious under 10x magnification and prevalent to the point of affecting the stone’s transparency and brilliance.

Cut: According the the GIA website, “To determine the cut grade of the standard round brilliant diamond – the shape that dominates the majority of diamond jewelry – GIA calculates the proportions of those facets that influence the diamond’s face-up appearance.” Using a five point scale from Excellent to Poor, the D-to-Z scale, this is where factors like the stone’s brightness (how well it reflects light), fire (how well it refracts light), and scintillation (how sparkly it is) all come into play, as well as the stone’s overall design and craftsmanship.

Carat Weight: The more a diamond weighs, generally, the more valuable it is. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams and can be divided into 100 equal “points.” So when a jeweler says that a specific diamond is a “twenty-five pointer,” that means the stone weighs .25 carats.







Basic Earring Construction




You’ve know you want to take quality photos of your jewelry.


Taking good quality pictures of jewelry for most is an unsolved mystery.  However, there are some simple techniques used by the professional, which even amateur photographers can use to obtain dramatic results with minimal effort.
The basic setup we used included an EZcube light tent to soften the shadows and eliminate glare, while providing a clean and clutter free background. We used Table top Studio lights as the primary light source, equipped with true color daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs. We also used a special Diamond dazzler LED bulb to light up the diamonds and faceted gems in the example images on this page.

The keys to good jewelry photography are sharpness, lighting, exposure, and in the case of gemstone photography, creating some sparkle. Good jewelry photography needs sharp, crisp focus. It is worth getting out your camera’s manual to find out how to put the camera in “spot focus” mode. The normal focus mode of digital cameras is some sort of average focus mode. That means that the camera will look at a wide area of a scene and base the focus on that area. Since you want to control where the camera is focusing, it’s better for jewelry photography to put the camera into spot focus mode, this will allow you to control more precisely what the camera will be focusing on. However, even in spot focus mode many digital cameras can’t really “lock-in” on a small shiny object like gemstone jewelry using auto focus.So unfortunately, for close-up jewelry photography, you need a camera with good manual focus capability.
Another key to a sharp image is a tripod. It is absolutely essential to use a tripod or similar camera support when shooting jewelry. A sturdy tripod is better than a flimsy one, but any tripod is many times better than no tripod. Use a tripod.
Another key to good jewelry photography is the lighting. Normally diffuse (soft) lighting works best for jewelry. You have probably already discovered that an on-camera flash does not lead to good jewelry photos. Not only is the camera’s flash too bright at such a close distance, but it is probably in the wrong position to actually light up the jewelry properly. On camera flash will also create harsh and distracting shadows. Rather than flash, we like to use continuous lighting for product photography. Using continuous lights makes it easier to visualize what the final image will be like.
We prefer daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs for lighting. These bulbs provide nice, natural-colored light and they produce very little heat so they can be left on for long photo sessions without over heating the photographer. Even fluorescent light bulbs will need to be diffused and for that we use an EZcube light tent as the diffuser. A small light tent makes it easy to reduce glare and control shadows for jewelry photography.


How is a stone held in place.



How to Repurpose Old Jewelry? Please Help

by Karen Faith.


I have been making jewelry for many years and have sort of burned out on the process because I just don’t have any new ideas and methods.

A friend of mine gave me a bunch of old jewelry pieces and wondered if I could use them to make something new. I’ve come up with a few ideas, and I like the idea of “recycling” old jewelry.

But, with a lot of the pieces, the glues I’ve tried just don’t seem to work for several different reasons.

Also, I don’t know how to solder.

So I’m hoping that someone will have some suggestions on ways to put the pieces together – if there is a glue that has worked well for you, or if soldering really is the best way to go, etc.

Also, if there are any websites that might have other suggestions / innovative ways to reuse jewelry pieces, I’d love to see them.

I’ve put a couple of things together in a “steampunk” fashion, but not everything is able to be worked with in that fashion.

The pics above are only a slight portion of the kinds / types of stuff I have to work with, and any advice I can receive would be quite helpful!  To read more go to link above!


Watch Repair to Stem


How to make a jewelry box from old things at home.





Vintage Jewelry Design




Vintage Spoon made into a pendant.




How to make 4 different earrings.






Old costume jewelry designed and framed.



Making jewelry out of old spoon handles.




Clean old Jewery






How to Design Jewery




Source: Flickr

Vintage Jewery


Jewelry Making


Vintage Jewelry

Nice site to learn more about vintage jewelry




Repurpose old jewelry and keys

Recycled Keys – Pens


Second Chances

Article from:  Beading Daily



As part of my “get organized” resolution, I’ve been cleaning my studio (a.k.a. “unfinished basement”). One cardboard box in the corner held my first necklaces. Some were badly made, but others were just no longer me. And some, like the necklace with spiky rubber neon green beads, fell into the “What was I thinking?” category.

Before I wrote the “Take 2” article for the spring issue of Stringing, I would have tucked these beading disasters away forever. But now that I’ve seen the spectacular redesign results of designers Danielle Fox, Andrew Thornton, Molly Schaller, and Denise Yezbak Moore, I firmly believe that almost every piece of unworn jewelry (except perhaps neon necklaces) deserves a second chance.

If you have jewelry that you never wear or pieces that just won’t sell, maybe it’s time to give them another look. Here are some tips I’ve uncovered:

7 Tips for Redesigning Jewelry

1: Be open to possibilities. Just because you start with one idea doesn’t mean you need to stick with it. I intended just to restring my bracelet (shown below), but as I worked, I realized that I’d prefer a necklace. (Bracelets make such a racket when you’re typing at the computer!)

2: Ask for feedback. Get opinions from someone you trust. Sometimes it’s easier for others to spot problems than it is to see them ourselves.

3: Seek inspiration. Page through copies of Stringing, study reader galleries on the Beading Daily forums, and paw through your bead stash or local bead shop. What catches your eye?

4: Start small. While a necklace might need a total overhaul, often changing just one element, such as a focal or clasp, will be enough to make it work.

5: Take a photo. If you’re nervous about taking a piece apart, take a photo of it first. This  will give you a security blanket. You can always reconstruct the original piece if you don’t like the new results.

6: Go back to Square One. If you’re unhappy with a piece of jewelry, but don’t know what to do to improve it, think back to why you were inspired to make the piece in the first place. If it was a color combination that you loved, for instance, make that your springboard for another design.

7: Wear it. Some flaws–a faulty clasp, a too-short necklace–only become apparent with the piece on. Figure out why your piece doesn’t fit comfortably, then fix it.


How to make a Leather Cuff – Great for Teen Gifts

Nunn Design




Learning your gem stones


Welcome to YourGemologist

Here you will find the internet’s largest gemology study and reference site that is totally free. This information is for anyone wishing to learn more about the world of gemology. It is free with only very loose copyrights as listed below. Anyone in the world can download anything you need for your own personal study. Press the link image or name of the category below to visit that section. Please Note: We are currently migrating the entire website to become mobile friendly for all of our smart phone and tablet visitors. This will be an ongoing effort that may take some time. Thank you for your patience.




Image result for jewery creations



Create a flower pot with old broken jewelry!


Wikihow  (Making Earrings)

Great Step by Step Video of How to Make Earrings

Please visit the website below for step by step instructions on how to make earrings.

Source Website –

Making your own earrings is a fun, artsy project which can be completed in minutes. They make a wonderful homemade gift for your female friends and family members – or you can just keep them for yourself! This article will show you some easy methods for making dangly beaded earrings, hoop earrings and studs, along with some unique ideas using household materials. Just see Step 1 below to get started.


Turning An Heirloom Into A New Design

Source Website

Heirlooms, by definition, are family possessions passed down from generation to generation. Heirloom jewelry exists in two forms — there’s heirloom jewelry made of high-quality metals and precious gemstones whose design exhibits exquisite craftsmanship, and there’s the heirloom that may be lacking in quality elements but has deep sentimental value.

Sadly, that heirloom, no matter what its form, may not be right for you. It may be an ornate brooch, and you just don’t do brooches — or anything ornate for that matter. It may be a pair of earrings in a gorgeous white gold setting with pieces of pretty glass instead of precious gems.

Talk to a jeweler

Instead of leaving heirloom jewelry to hide in a “junk” jewelry box, you can take your pieces to a trusted jeweler to have them made over. There are so many ways to bring new life to old jewelry, and a reputable jeweler can help make it happen. You can modernize an old setting or create a new one. You can take an element or two of the old piece and freshen it up in a new piece. You can mix elements of different pieces and come up with a whole new design. Achieving this transformation from old to new is a joy for someone who specializes in the art and science of jewelry design.

The possibilities are many:

  • Turn a pendant into a ring.
  • Repurpose a ring into a pendant.
  • Take the diamonds from the bracelet of a diamond watch and turn them into a pair of earrings.
  • Pearls can be restrung to a shorter length or combined with other pearls to create a whole new look.
  • A quiet gemstone can be given a sparkly halo and get a dash of glamour.
  • Is the setting gold when you want platinum? Keep the gemstone or gemstones and change out the metal.

To read more goto




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